Big Mountain Enduro Series Registration Open

Limited spots available for the series finale in Moab, featuring the legendary Whole Enchilada trail.

Photos: Craig Grant / Yeti Cycles

Bigfoot Productions has recently announced what will instantly be considered one of the premier enduro events in the country with its Big Mountain Enduro Series presented by Yeti Cycles. Featuring three races, the series concludes with a legendary finale featuring Moab’s fabled The Whole Enchilada Trail which packs a whopping 7000 foot descent. The first two races of the series will be held in Steamboat Springs and Durango, respectively featuring Buff and Kennebec Passes.

Check here for registration information, but act quickly as permit restrictions limit the race to just 120 spots.

Source: Bigfoot Productions
The series finale will race down the most acclaimed trail in Moab, a top five in the U.S. and perhaps one of the most distinguishable trails in the world. At 30 miles and 7,000 feet of descending, The Whole Enchilada Enduro turns an epic all-day ride into a test of fitness and technical skills as riders race from the top of the La Sal Mountains down through four different climate zones to Porcupine Rim, where they finish just above the Colorado River. The race begins at Geiser Pass in mass start categories untimed to Burro Pass where upon order of arrival the will be released in one minute intervals. From Burro Pass the race will descend to Kokopelli, Hazard county, UPS, LPS and Porcupine Rim trails.

“We are excited to bring some of the best venues in the country to the enduro racing circuit,” said Keith Darner, Bigfoot Productions race director, “that provide a sustained backcountry experience with races between 1.5 and two hours for the winning pro times.”

With the UCI working on establishing an official Enduro Calendar for 2013, Rawley hopes to set a new standard in Enduro racing with US courses. “We have been receiving feedback for years to create a race style that focuses on the best all-around trail rider who can tackle any type of terrain, the fastest. We are fortunate to have this terrain in our backyard and it is perfectly fitting for us and our sponsors, Yeti Cycles, Shimano, The North Face, POC, Maxxis and Dirt Rag to be behind this type of racing,” Rawley said.