The 9th Annual Bible of Bike Tests kicks off this week in Marquette, Michigan, where Bike's crew of testers is on hand to ride and review 37 of the year's most sought-after trail and all-mountain bikes. Each of the test bikes falls between 120 and 170 millimeters of full-suspension travel with 27.5-, 27.5+ or 29-inch wheels, and is priced at $3,000 and higher.

A mountain of boxes to turn into bikes.

Over the next two weeks, eight testers will ride the bikes on established test loops, ranking them on climbing and descending capabilities, handling characteristics, spec choices and value. The bikes and testers will then face off in Roundtable Reels video debates, which will be released on starting in early January. In the meantime, follow along on the @bikemag Instagram channel for behind-the-scenes images from the test sessions and sneak peeks at the bikes up for review this year. And check back on often, as we'll be releasing the full roster of test bikes in the coming weeks.

Parking lot tests are necessary before heading to the trail.

Buying a new bike is a big investment, and we know how important it is to feel confident that you're spending your hard-earned money on the right gear. Our experienced Bike Test Brigade—consisting of five men and three women, all of whom have multiple years of Bible testing under their respective belts—is dedicated to providing useful, engaging and relevant feedback to help you make a smart buying decision. In addition to testers, we have two filmers, two photographers and two additional writers on-site to help put together some 30 videos, countless images and insightful words that will guide you in your decision.

Chatting about builds before the bikes are off the stands.

All the Bible testing takes place on the trail networks in and around the Upper Michigan college town of Marquette, where the trails are tacky, the leaves are popping bright yellow, red and gold, and brisk fall weather makes for prime testing conditions.

The print edition of Bible hits newsstands on Dec. 28, with a digital edition also available through Apple Newsstand.