Are You Quick Enough?

Prove you're the fastest rider and snag the shwag

By Vernon Felton

We live in a Strava-enabled age that leaves no doubt as to who amongst us has scored the fastest hot lap of the local city dump, the quickest sprint from Wal-Mart to the nearest 7-Eleven, or the best time on the gnarliest section of the local downhill. Technology has made it clear that some of us are a whole lot faster (or slower) than others.

POC, the Swedish manufacturer of helmets and body armor, unveiled today a new competition aimed at identifying the fastest riders in the Eastern Sates and Mountain Stapes Cup races. The contest is called "the POC Speed Zone Award" and the basic spiel is straightforward: POC staff will use radar guns to clock the speed of amateur racers as they barrel through designated POC Speed Zone areas during each MSC and ESC contest.

If you're the lucky guy or girl to register the top speed at each race, POC will hand over the shwag—and this isn't the usual sticker-and-a-pair-of-socks variety of loot. POC will be handing out prizes that include their VPD 2.0 body armor, full face Cortex Flow and enduro Trabec helmets, goggles or apparel. Two very fast riders (one male, the other female) will be rewarded at each race.

What's more, the rider with the single fastest recorded POC Speed Zone result at the end of the season will take home the grand prize POC package including body armor, gloves, helmet and apparel.

Think you're fast? Show up at either an Eastern States or Mountain States event and show what you got.

No pros allowed—they already get paid to be fast. This is for the rest of us.