Are You Faster than a 41 Year Old? Win an XT Kit and XTR Shadow+ Derailleur

Beat Joe Lawwill in the Fontana City Nationals Super D and win an XT Kit and XTR Shadow+ Derailleur.

So here are the rules:

The grand prize is: XT brakes, rotors, cranks, cassette, chain, front derailleur and an XTR Shadow Plus rear derailleur. This prize will go to the person who can beat Joe Lawwill in the Super D event (combined time of two runs–long and short) at the Fontana City Nationals in Fontana, California, on March 24. Visit for race details and to sign up.

Only one person can win the grand prize. If more than one person can beat Lawwill, the prize will go to the faster person. A consolation prize of an XTR Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur will go to up to the next 5 fastest people who can beat Lawwill.

The winner cannot be a pro rider, or have raced in the pro class in the past three years. The rider also cannot have ever raced pro in any of the Fontana Super D events.

The event is open to all riders in any of the amateur classes at the Fontana City National Super D event.

Tweet your taunts or words of encouragement to @JoeLawwill with the #beatjoe.