Cover Credit: Mike Hopkins eyed this wildly vibrant patch of light while shooting with senior photographer Bruno Long in the alpine outside of Revelstoke, British Columbia.

As winter wanes, the trails thaw and the snow starts melting, now is a time for many of us in North America to return to the ride. We slowly rustle our bikes, legs and lungs out of hibernation in search of the fitness required to carry us through a season of weekend adventures, bikepacking expeditions, arm-pumping park sessions or pre-work trail trail rides. Whatever your reason for emerging from your off-season idleness, we hope our April issue—the kickoff for our 25th volume, which includes several  changes you can read more about hereinspires you to shake off the cobwebs and start planning for the year ahead.

If you’re after a massive adventure, it would be hard to beat the ones the crew from the “No Quarter” feature undertook last summer, when they attempted a ridgetop traverse in the Purcell Mountains. The lack of any trails meant the self-supported team spent their days scrambling up scree fields and freeriding down untamed slopes on the other side, in a vein similar to backcountry skiing. Editor-At-Large Brice Minnigh pens the account, which is accompanied by a film you can watch here. 

Continuing on in the Why Would They Do That?! series of stories, in “Shapeless Fulfillment,” Ben Haggar battles loneliness, blisters, the threat of polar bears and icy temperatures in his solo journey through Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail.

In the gear pages, Travis Engel reviews the Zerode Taniwha, while managing editor Will Ritchie breaks down the business of the Pinion Gearbox on which the Taniwha runs.


Need more? Don’t miss out on “Grimy Handshake” or “Butcher Paper” columns in our April issue, as well as a test comparing different tubeless-tire plugs and more, on newsstands now or digital download HERE.