Alpine Bike Parks Launches ParkStart Program

Source: Alpine Bike Parks

Alpine Bike Parks has been building and planning bike parks since 1999. For 2012, the company is launching a new program called ParkStart to help communities get bike parks built.

Bike Parks–once a niche amenity for extreme athletes–are now broadly desired by constituents of all ages and skill levels. To respond to this demand, bike advocates and municipal Parks and Recreation Departments need great designs, proven construction standards and honest budget forecasts that can be taken to City Hall with confidence. ParkStart helps areas achieve this.

Alpine Bike Parks’ ParkStart Program is a low-cost bundle of products and services that includes everything needed to present a premium bike park concept to your local government for approval and funding for construction documents and construction, including:

1. ParkStart Guide
2. Project Startup Consulting
3. Online Design Charrette
4. Conceptual Site Plan (includes two revisions)
5. Custom Artist’s Renderings
6. Valmont Bike Park Design/Construction Standards
7. Bike Park Vision Document
8. Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for your Bike Park
9. Cost Estimates for Design and Construction
10. Next Steps Guide

All this is priced at $3,600

There are riders in every community that want to develop a new trail or a bike park. The traditional model has been to develop them on a shoestring budget with donated equipment, free dirt, tacked-together trail features, minimalistic design and volunteer labor. While this process delivers an amenity at a low-cost, it often creates unsafe bicycle playgrounds and limits the approval, adoption and success of professionally planned, built and promoted bike trails and facilities.

Meanwhile, skateparks continue to receive multi-million dollar budgets for exciting new facilities, paid for by public grants that cyclists are missing out on.

“Alpine clearly understands the needs of the user and communicates ideas very effectively with beautiful renderings to diverse community groups, cyclists, city agencies and contractors alike.” Said Linda Roberson, Parks and Open Space Planner, San Francisco, California, about Alpine Bike Parks.

Alpine’s team knows what it takes to design and construct quality bike parks and knows how to avoid the pitfalls that many recreation and parks departments can face as they develop their projects. The company wants to share these resources with trendsetting riders and recreation providers worldwide.

Call Alpine Bike Parks at 604.962.1951 to get a park going, or click here for more details.