Revolutionary isn’t a word to be taken lightly. Attach the adjective to anything and suddenly you’re brushing shoulders with things like modern medicine, fire, the French, personal hygiene and the Model T.

So when a box of purportedly revolutionary Matador beef jerky came across our desk as so many ill-targeted press packages seem to do (believe us, we get everything from spiky yoga mats to offers for cold-weather shrouds for the male member) I was dubious. Until I read the press release that is:

Well, I suppose you can’t discount this “revolution” for lack of planning. Who knew that they’re now targeting meat snacks at “Millenials” and “Generation X”. And with an 89-percent purchase interest (whatever that means) how can they go wrong?

So all that’s fine and dandy, but how does this “revolutionary” meat snack actually taste?

Funny enough, your guess is as good as mine. It turns out that our Managing Editor Brice Minnigh and Photo Editor David Reddick got their hands on the jerky before I did.

When asked for comment, however, Mr. Minnigh could not be reached as he was already headed to the corporate office to nail his numerous demands to the boardroom door. Hopefully he’s spared the guillotine.