News Of The Tweet: Twitter Dialogue

The meaning of life, Stikman's Shtick, and Red dreams.

This week I've decided to hand over The News Of The Tweet to Stikman it seems. He was the sun around which so much humorous tweeting revolved this week.

Did you see the "loop of gayness"?

Twitter, as we can see above, is a great way of letting people know exactly what you are all about. In this case, uncovering the meaning behind S4P.

UK privateer racer, Rich Thomas, shows the world what he is made of.

Stikman also inadvertently started a little Twitter discussion regarding web videos being filmed on $30,000 dollar cameras.

And also, slightly cheaper cameras that still allow us to have some new age fun with a vintage feel.

Some people got really mad when Instagram went pop temporarily.

Fortunately, Facebook are future proofing their servers so we will never be without it, not even temporarily.

Exactly, don't take Twitter too seriously.