Sea Otter 30-Second Warning – Day 1

Marketing grunts race against the clock to justify their existence.

"Here, look at the camera, hold the microphone and tell us about what you're doing here at the Sea Otter Classic. This is for Bike magazine's video series :30 Second Warning. You've got 30 seconds. Ready. Set. Go."

In the first installment of 2013’s :30 Second Warning, we got the skinny on Diamondback’s Mason Full Suspension 29er, Hyper’s new Cam Zink-signature slope style model, E13’s novel PressFit bottom bracket solution and an odd man’s rambling assertion that his fatbike would destroy all other competitors in each and every event at this year’s Sea Otter.

Diamondback Mason Full Suspension

Hyper Cam Zink model

E13 PressFit 30 BB

Manuel and His Glorious Fatbike, “Beastley”