Photo: Morgan Meredith

Photo: Morgan Meredith

July 5-10: Breck Epic
Stage races are fun, stage races on dirt are even more fun and they allow riders to keep their dignity. The six-day ultra-endurance race in Breckinridge, Colorado, gives riders plenty of time in the saddle each day, and just to make sure the roadies-cum-mountain bikers get their TdF fix, that other race will be broadcast every night;

July 9-12: Goat Style Bike Fest
Dirt jumps, drops, goats. This jam in Creston, British Columbia, is one of the continent's premier grassroots freeride contests. The winner also qualifies for a trip to the big slopestyle dance at Crankworx in Whistler. In its fourth year, the course promises to be better than ever;

July 10-12: Fluidride Cup #4
Riders hail the Fluidride Cup as one of the best-organized, greatest-vibed series in the U.S. This stop takes place at Mt. Hood, Oregon, which is notorious for being relentlessly technical. Good luck finding any carbon frames on this course;

July 10-12: Downieville Classic
Bad-asses like Mark Weir, Brian Lopes, Thomas Frischknecht and Ross Schnell will battle for the unofficial “All-Mountain” world championships while the rest of us follow in their wakes and then focus the other world championship titles available—in river jumping and pixie bike racing;

July 10-12: 21st Annual Maine Bike Rally
This three-day event in Fryeburg, Maine, offers more than cycling. While there's plenty of road and mountain rides, there's also organized canoe trips and other family-friendly events;

July 11-26: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup
The best racers in the world will compete in XC, 4X and DH. Thanks to the UCI’s ban on Lycra in gravity events, it’ll be morally easier to ring a cowbell at this event than while watching a peloton of scantily clad men;

July 11-12: Miner’s Revenge
How many XC races go through a mineshaft? The Miner’s Revenge in Greenland, Michigan, includes riding through a pitch-black mine as part of the loop, forcing riders to use lights in the daytime;

July 11 -12: $ound 2 Diablo Gravity Series
Diablo Freeride Park in New Jersey is rocky, but the race series rocks even harder. This event features giant slalom and DH racing as well as nice cash purses for the pros. There are also plenty of other trails on the mountain to keep you occupied between race runs;

Reason Number 8--Steve Smith, Diablo Freeride Park. Photo: Chris Vanderyajt.

Reason Number 8--Steve Smith, Diablo Freeride Park. Photo: Chris Vanderyajt.

July 12: WV State Mountain Bike Championships
This event in Davis, West Virginia, gives riders the chance to call themselves the West Virginia State Champion for a year. They might not get a yellow-jersey, or the opportunity to date rock-stars, but that stuff is overrated, anyway;

July 16-19: Claymore Challenge
The slopestyle at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire is the biggest freeride contest in the East. With top riders like Cam McCaul, Ben Boyko, Aaron Chase and Brandon Semenuk competing, fans should be treated to some spectacular action—and unlike some other events, they won't have to camp out on a roadside the night before to get a good seat;

July 17-19: Mt. Bike Oregon
Three days of biking and camping and a free, that’s right free, beer garden. The heavenly event takes place in Oakridge, Oregon, home of practically endless singletrack and nearly bottomless beer, thanks to its close proximity to several fine breweries. Best yet, no one on the side of the trail will be yelling "doper" as you ride by;

July 24-26: Snowshoe Mountain Bike Race Series—Race 2
Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia is one of the most popular bike parks in the East, and riding a chair to the top of the mountain is probably more fun than grinding gears in a pack for hours on end. The event features “dual stunt” as well as DH races;

July 18-19: Gravity East Series #6
This stop of the GES takes place in Attitash, New Hampshire, at a venue containing plenty of East Coast rocks and roots. And if riders are feeling like they are missing some Tour-related Euro culture, the resort offers something called the “Eurobungy.” We're not sure what it is, but roadies will surely love it;

July 19: 6 Hours of Power
This endurance race in Ellicottville, New York, is also a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. It’s got plenty of singletrack, and invites riders to complete as many laps on the course as they can in 6 hours;

July 24-27: Big In Bavaria
Tarek Rasouli’s next big production is a four-day dirt jump competition that incorporates both BMX stars and their 26-inch-riding counterparts. The jam will feature lots of action and plenty of Bavarian beer;

July 25: Taming the Tetons
Taking off and ending in Teton Village, Wyoming, this race offers “fast laps and short climbs," which leaves plenty of time to enjoy the epic scenery;

The other Olson twin?

All Month: Fly Jet Blue
The airline is eliminating excess baggage fees on bikes flown in July. That's right fly your bike for free anywhere Jet Blue goes. It's better than the $175 a pop some other airlines charge (Delta, we're looking in your direction).

July 30- August 2: Crankworx Colorado
This four-day event in Winter Park, Colorado, is the perfect escape from whatever Tour de France fallout seeps across the ocean this year. Slopestyle, XC, and DH races are just a few of the events. The trails at Winter Park's Trestle mountain bike park keep getting bigger, too, and the surrounding Fraser Valley is home to legendary singletrack;

July 12: Cascade Cream Puff
This on-dirt century features a course that is more than 50 percent singletrack and weaves through Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. It’s an endurance event all it’s own and features 18,000 feet of climbing;

July 12: Coaster Brake Challenge #2
This is the second stop on the So Cal underground series that laughs at bike weights, technology, and doping with anything besides PBR. Riders should leave hand brakes and gears at home and be reminded that racing can be fun;