Words and photos by Kevin Rouse

"Dude, hang that one from the tree…"

"Move that one way over there—oh, and take off one of their wheels!"

The LeMans start was about to get interesting, or rather, more interesting. Because, really, the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships has never really been lacking in the amusement category. Or in beer-fueled bravado. Or in costumes that will forever define the word 'distasteful'. Or in…if you're beginning to get the point of this event, good. If not, take a look at the gallery from this year's race, held in an uncharacteristically wet and muddy Los Angeles, and then ask yourself, "Why the hell wasn't I there?"

Mud—the good stuff.

GO! Fish.

Spectators were looking to this racer to light up the competition.

Horned up. Adam Craig prepares to get randy on his way to the start.

Holy Singlespeeds Batman!

Ryan “Too Tall” Trebon sizes up the competition.

Your chariot awaits you—but not in the place—or state—you left it in.

Off to the races, SSCXWC-style.

“Anyone for a swim?”

Scotch-guard your carpets folks, Santa still might be tracking in mud come Christmas.

A racer takes a literal interpretation on how to approach the course’s flyover feature.

In case you were wondering, this is what trouble looks like.


When you don’t have to shift, suddenly boxing gloves become entirely appropriate attire.

Los Angeles surprised everyone with its ability to produce some surprisingly favorable ‘cross conditions.

“Here I lay—where, I wonder? All my dignity’s been torn asunder…”

Grinning through the gauntlet.

Sportsmanship is a relative term, as evidenced at this year’s race. Wedgies are universally hilarious, however.

Any guesses as to where next year’s race is being held?

Your 2013 SSCXWC Champions, Adam Craig and Mical Dyck sporting the infamous golden speedos.