2011 UCI Downhill World Championships

Relive the action:

What mud? Danny Hart's run seemed almost completely unhindered by the atrocious course conditions

In an exciting mud-filled finale Danny Hart (Great Britain) won Sunday’s 2011 UCI Downhill World Championships in a landslide fashion. Fully 11 seconds up on his nearest competitors, Hart was clearly the least affected by the wet course conditions. Under heavy rains the course became immensely more technical, though Hart was able to navigate the course in his trademark wild-and-loose style to great effect. Other riders weren’t so lucky, with pre-race favorite Aaron Gwinn (United States) crashing twice to give up all hopes at victory. Gee Atherton (Great Britain) also had trouble staying upright, so another year in the World Champion stripes was not to be. Rounding the top three places behind Hart were Damien Spagnolo (France) in 2nd and Sam Blenkinsop (New Zealand) in 3rd.

Danny's Domain: 11 seconds ahead of 2nd place, Hart truly ruled the day

Emmeline Ragot (France) proved to be the best female rider on the day. Her loose style adapted nicely to the adverse conditions; she was the only female to go under five minutes on the course. Former World Champion Rachel Atherton (Great Britain) can now add a silver medal to her palamares, while Canada’s Claire Buchar grabbed third. As seemed to be the theme of the day, former Wold Champ Tracy Moseley was not immune to the copious crashes, going down twice and settling for 9th on the day.

Simply staying upright in the nasty conditions meant a chance on the podium, but Ragot pinned it and took the top step.