Stevil Kinevil is the twisted mind behind and a contributor for Bike and Paved magazines. His superpowers comes from his uni-brow.

1 — Describe the perfect hamburger.
Served on a pile of money and naked chicks

2 — Who are your heroes or role models?
The Fall Guy. My Dad. Al Colombia. Andrei Tchmil. Gene Oberpriller. My wife. That guy from that one movie.

3 — What would you be doing if you never discovered bikes?
Making art and recovering from years of skateboarding accidents, which is basically what I am doing now.

4 — Where is the most interesting place on earth?
The Egon Schiele museum in Tulln, Austria is pretty cool, as is any place that I've never seen before.

5 — Who is your favorite musician or band (right now)?
Tie between the Dirtbombs, Rocket from the Crypt and the Bronx

6 — What was your first bike?
Some total rusty bucket with a graphic of an American Indian on the chain guard that my neighbors gave me when I was like, eight.

7 — If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
Guitar or the drums, I don't know.

8 — Who do you think is the best bike rider of all time?
Johnny Tomac

9 — What is on the perfect pizza?
A hamburger sitting on top of a pile of money and naked chicks

10 — If you could have coffee and conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Whoever actually shot John F. Kennedy

11 —Describe yourself in three words.
Committed. Passionate. Abrasive.

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