News Of The Tweet: Silencing The Mutes

Blabbering on, winning the little match but losing the big game

The overwhelming feedback from Interbike was that News Of The Tweet should die. One person I spoke to said that warbling on about the nonsense people sprack about on Twitter is hardly rocket-science and I should consider giving up on any attempt to shoot fish in a barrel with a potato gun. The second person said that no one bothers about Twitter anymore, so why bother reading about secondhand drivel written by a fourth-rate hack? The only positive that can be extracted from this is that at least there are two people in the world who at one time read NOTT.

So is the internet just a collection of nonsense? Just white noise? Not according to some.

“You can’t have the largest spying system ever built and also say that somehow it won’t be abused,” says Jacob Appelbaum.

So what we have is a giant surveillance structure that can repress individual liberties, allows the systematic abuse of laws with no one being held accountable, all for the battle cry of curbing undesirable behavior while a wider-range undesirable behavior goes without consideration.

But then, no one reads this clap trap, so what harm is there?