Every Monday(ish) I sit down and try to go through all the tweets from the past seven days that have stuck out from the humdrum, ho-hum grey water of social media waste that is churned and spurted. Each time I attempt to try and look into the relevance and meaning behind the wider trends or notable exceptions. Sometimes it is even about mountain biking, but not very often.

However, more and more often I sit and wander, What is this all about? Isn't there more to it all than digesting and regurgitating the bile and bluster of something that doesn't exist anyway? What about life, love and the universe? The melting ice caps and the disappearing species? Isn't this Twitter stuff just wasting time until we shuffle off this mortal coil?

I mean, what about stars and planets and other forms of life? Are we alone or is there bigger meaning to our jibber-jabber? These are the big questions.

Nah, I think this is all just a waste of time. No, I don't mean caring about life on earth, fretting over fixed income securities lending and indexing doilies is a waste of time. Not exactly. I mean isn't News Of The Tweet a waste of my time, your time and valuable internet data space?

There's bigger problems than tweets anyway.

There are more important things to turn our minds to. Like making something beautiful and smart that changes life on earth for everyone, for the better.

Maybe whatever it is that NOTT is trying to achieve is just going about it all wrong.