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October 2018

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Bike documents riding and its culture with more depth than any other publication. Featuring the work of mountain biking’s most accomplished writers and photographers, every issue is an illumination of the trends, personalities, destinations and gear that influence and inspire the singletrack lifestyle.

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The October issue is on newsstands—or find it digitally here—and it’s filled with photos and stories documenting the sport we all love.

Summer fires used to be a potential threat, now they seem to be a given. The climate is clearly changing, and it's happening fast. But what does a global crisis have to do with this magazine—one that's supposed to be an escape from life's hardships? Everything and nothing at all.

The realization that the places we count on to connect with our chosen sport are so vulnerable makes the desire to experience those soul-feeding stashes of singletrack more urgent than ever. In five years, or even one year, the landscape could be drastically different, with trails we've long taken for granted lost forever. If there was ever a time to band together as mountain bikers, it is now. To that end, this issue contains one of the most important stories we've printed all year, a meticulously researched piece examining the recent pitfalls of the International Mountain Bicycling Association and where the advocacy organization goes from here, written by Devon O’Neil.

In times that feel hopeless, we need our heroes to inspire us to keep moving forward. Heroes like Sam Hill, whose sterling 15-year career—arcing from DH World Champion to Enduro World Series leader—has made the quiet Aussie one of mountain biking's most legendary racers. Editor-at-Large Brice Minnigh delves into the man behind the medals in "The Enigma.”

Finally, we hope to deliver a dose of lightness in the form of our annual Dream Builds feature. Fancy bikes may appear trivial in trying times, but when the weight of the world seems overwhelming, there's little that can't be cured by ogling sleek frames and shiny parts and, of course, plotting your next big ride.

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