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December 2017

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Bike documents riding and its culture with more depth than any other publication. Featuring the work of mountain biking’s most accomplished writers and photographers, every issue is an illumination of the trends, personalities, destinations and gear that influence and inspire the singletrack lifestyle.

In This Issue

Mountain tops are capped with snow and in many parts of the world skis are taking the place of bikes. As the days get darker and the trails turn white, pick up the December issue and let your mind drift towards mountain biking. Learn about a trail on the Sunshine Coast where a multi-day adventure turns into a bike-pushing odyssey. Next take a look back at the birth of freeride and how a few fringe riders changed our sport forever. Finally, feast your eyes on the 2017 Dream Builds, a collection of bikes with our favorite components from the year, purpose-built for the one trail always on our minds. You may not be able to actually ride during the coming months, but the December issue is the next best thing.

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