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The 2019 Bible of Bike Tests issue is on newsstands—or find it digitally here—and it’s filled with reviews of the best new bikes on the market to help guide your new bike purchase.

This is the 10th annual Bible of Bike Tests. We five-fingered creatures love measuring milestones in multiples of 10. But it's just another number. Really, the most impressive landmark in the Bible’s history was in launching the very first one. It was 2009, and we had no idea if this thing was even possible, let alone profitable.

In its second year, the Bible was staged in a cavernous Bellingham basement. The third was out of a dormant North Carolina Girl Scout camp. In our fourth year, we added videos of the roundtable meetings. In the fifth year, those videos actually became watchable. We've come to include female testers, honed our focus to trail-oriented bikes and invested in growing our journalistic team to better cover the bikes, the testing and the host location.

And the Bible continues to land us in magnificent locations. This year, it's the iron-tone mesas of southwest Utah. The trails around St. George, Hurricane and Virgin, Utah, are surely unique. In Slow Roll, Devon O’Neil outlines southern Utah’s rising to riding fame and its aesthetic that is unlike anything we've ever ridden.  The mesa trails rapidly alternate between tech and flow, up and down, punishment and reward, each working in endless synergy with the other. It also just happens to be the perfect place to expose bikes' weaknesses and strengths.

Our test loops challenged every aspect of every bike, and those challenges rose without a moment's notice.  Whenever a bike "does everything well," it's a sign that we need to look closer. And we did look closer this year. Testers spent more time riding, discussing and evaluating each bike than we ever have before, and we dedicated more space to bringing it all to you. This newfound patience was inspired by the focus we achieved in our Bible Summer Camps, shorter, specialized test sessions that will be continuing throughout the year. But also by the fact that, as it always has, the Bible should continue to evolve. Whether you're just joining us or you've been here all decade, welcome to the 2019 Bible of Bike Tests.

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