Smith Session Helmet

The Session will sell for $160 and will be available in March 2018.

Smith’s latest helmet takes place of the Rover, which has now dropped down to a more affordable price of $120. The new Session uses the same Koroyd ventilated protection found in many of their higher-end helmets, but the Session only features Koroyd down the sides, with the top looking more like a standard vented helmet. The visor on the Session is adjustable and when pushed all the way up, will have just the right amount of room for goggles to rest. This is part of what Smith calls eyewear integration and it includes channels to hold sunglasses securely on the front of the helmet. The helmet will come in six different colors and all will feature MIPS. If you are looking for something similar, but lighter, check out the new Venture which does not have Koroyd or MIPS for $80, or $110 with MIPS.

Wolftooth Components ReMote Sustain and B-RAD System

The ReMote Sustain will retail for $90 and is available now.

Wolftooth Components is known for solving problems with aftermarket gear. They have been in the dropper post remote lever market for some time now, and are producing beautiful shifter style remotes to interface with almost any post. The ReMote Sustain focuses on one single post, the RockShox Reverb. The Reverb is one of the most used droppers on the market, and is traditionally a hydraulic-actuated post, however, with the ReMote Sustain, it becomes a mechanically-actuated post. The ReMote works by replacing the actuation mechanism on the bottom of the post with Wolftooth’s Sustain base that comes with the remote. Once the new base is installed, the post goes into the bike as any other mechanical post would, and your once-hydraulic cable, is now a more easily serviced shifter cable.

The B-RAD base system starts at $18 with no accessories. Available now.

The B-RAD system from Wolftooth also falls in line with their problem-solving nature, allowing bikers to carry more gear on their bike without the use of bags. The B-RAD mounting base is a single, low-profile bar that interfaces with water-bottle mounts on the bike. Once installed, the base has many different attachment points that offset gear so your cargo can sit side by side, staying out of the way of your knees. Coming in three different sizes, the B-RAD bases works with other B-RAD accessories such as straps and water-bottle mounts, to allow for customization.

Northwave Yeti

Available late 2017 for $280.

The Yeti boot is the ultimate cold-weather boot from Northwave, with claims of staying warm in sub-zero temperatures. The shoe uses a full Michelin rubber sole that, unlike most rubbers, will stay soft in cold weather, providing better traction. The boot has four built-in layers of insulation, with an outer shell that features an overlap Velcro closure, and an inner liner with a drawstring closure similar to snowboard or mountaineering boots. A reinforced toe and waterproof material, along with gator clips, make this boot a solid choice for anyone looking to spend more time on the bike in the winter.

Küat Pivot and Mini Skinny

The Pivot Swing Arm adapter will be $295 and available in late November.

Companies seem to be catching on that consumers want a swing-style rack that easily clears their car trunk. If you can achieve that without buying a whole new rack, even better. Küat’s Pivot does just that. The Pivot is a swing arm that interfaces with 2-inch receivers and racks. The new adapter is made of steel and bolts directly into the receiver for extra security and to eliminate the wobble found in looser-fitting hitches. Paired with an NV 2.0, which features an integrated bike work stand, this becomes the ultimate basecamp setup, in which you can work on your bike while still having access to everything in the trunk of your car.

The Mini Skinny is $295 and available now.

The Mini Skinny is a basket-style, rooftop rack designed to fit on smaller cars. Welded into the basket is also a fork-mount system for one bike, allowing the basket to double as a cargo-carrying device and a bike rack.


Pulling on its founders’ background at Arc’teryx, 7Mesh is continually improving its mountain bike line. This year they came with a new shell, thermal jersey and women’s bib.

The Guardian will be available this November for $400.

The shell, called the Guardian, is a three-layer, Gore-Tex Active, waterproof, breathable jacket. The Guardian is designed with trail riding in mind, featuring a baggier fit than would be found in a XC shell, the hood now fits over a helmet, and is easily adjustable with the pull of a draw cord near the back of the neck.

The Mission will retail for $200 and be available fall 2017.

7Mesh’s new Mission jersey is a cool-weather sweater featuring Polartec Micro Grid. Micro Grip is lightweight, but creates space to trap heat leaving the body while also being wind resistant. 7Mesh has also added a stretchy lower back panel to which the pockets are affixed so they won’t sag when filled.

The WK2 Bib will retail for $150 with spring 2018 availability.

7Mesh has made its first women’s bib, the WK2. It is longer and stretchier over the shoulder straps, allowing the bib to be pulled down for bathroom use without completely removing it. The waistband is a wider, yoga style band that sits uniformly against the body. In addition, the chamois is developed to be able to move with the rider and the hard seams normally found outlining where a chamois is sewn have been moved farther out to avoid pressure points.