Women’s Products Showcased at Interbike

Jack and Jill design bike product. Jill designs bike product for women. Jill does not just "shrink and pink" Jack's designs, but designs intuitive and ingenious women's product. Then—wearing her women specific gear—Jill beats Jack up the hill.

Making its Interbike debut, The Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition (OIWC) Intuition & Ingenuity: A Women's Product Showcase promotes women's bike products and highlights women who have designed, tested, or participated in introducing the product to the marketplace. The program presents an opportunity to communicate the story of products designed for women, by women; to buyers, journalists and industry professionals.

OIWC will provide custom hangtags for program participants and will distribute a print Lookbook to journalists and buyers. The Lookbook is a guide to highlight these products and will include a product profile, a booth number and will also be available online. Additionally, the OIWC website (www.oiwc.org) will feature these stories as a further commitment to marketing this women-specific program from the respective brands.

To be eligible, products must be women-specific and have a design story from a woman. Design stories can originate from either product designer or tester, and can include women-specific design rational, or pride regarding the features important to the end user.

Registration deadline is August 31, 2009. To register and submit your products visit http://www.oiwc.org/?page=WomenProductIntro. For additional information visit www.oiwc.org , or call 208-860-6370 or e-mail executive director Sally Grimes: sgrimes@oiwc.org.

In addition, OIWC will highlight women in the bike industry via an awards presentation at Interbike. Learn more and nominate a woman in the industry for the First Ascent and Pioneering Woman Awards. Nominations accepted online; deadline is August 17, 2009: http://www.oiwc.org/?AwardNomination.