Sea Otter News: Fat Bike Blows Minds

Monster truck-ing fat bike shows up at Celebrity Log Pull...changes lives, saves babies

By Vernon Felton
Photos by Dan Barham

First there was a log…and then came the beer….and then The Bike arrived. That’s right. Manuel Beastly and his Fat Bike of Glory (yes, this steed demands upper-case treatment) arrived on the scene. Logs were pulled. Ordinary riders were transformed into thundering gods of war. Cheap beer was sprayed. Onlookers were dazed, confused and enraptured by the Fat and the Fury.

The Fat Bike of Glory managed to transform one mild-mannered spectator into a rumbling beast of ungodly locomotive brawn. Is it all fat-bikin' from here? You know what they say.... once you've gone fat, there's no goin' back.

Spectators were universally stunned. “It’s like Manuel Beastly and his fat bike were made by angels,” managed one Sea Otter attendee through tears and hysterical sobs. “Really kick-ass angels! I think I’m love. I want its baby.”

Spectator attempts to unravel the mystery of how so much rad can be stored in just one bike. Is the fat bike the ultimate riding machine? Manuel Beastly and his steed make a compelling case.