One man. One fat bike. One mission to shame each and every other bike at Sea Otter.

By Vernon Felton
Photos by David Smith

Specialized has its Enduro 29er. Santa Cruz has its Bronson. Kona has its Operator--all fine bikes to be sure, but there's no denying that something is missing here in this bitter War of the Wheels. Today we found that something--the ultimate Quiver Killer. Today we found that rider, Mr. Manuel Beastly.

The Bike: an adrenalized, lean and mean fat bike with a taste for danger and monkey sex. Sure, you've heard of fat bikes, but you've never seen one quite like this before: confidence-inspiring geometry, flickable rear end, a Barishnikov of a bike hopped up on man juice and crazy pills.

Manuel Beastly prepares for his dual slalom qualifying run. Note the fear and admiration on the faces of onlookers.

The Rider: Manuel Beastly, a man of mystery, a stallion of a man on a mission. He rolled into Monterey last night in a cloud of dust and righteous fury. His goal? Simple: prove once and for all that fat bikes are the ultimate bike for every style of riding. Stand back, Champ…you're world is about to get rocked.

Just how is Mr. Beastly going to make that happen? By entering every damn contest here at Sea Otter, kid, and not just winning, but shaming the competition in a blaze of glory.

Seek and destroy. The fat bike knows no limits and respects no other wheel size.

Dual slalom? Kyle Strait will be dropped like a bad habit. Downhill? Gwin's running scared. Cyclocross. Cross-country. You name the event, the fat bike is going to crush all comers.

Smell the anger, son. This is what kick ass tastes like.

Want to feel the fury, rub shoulders with greatness and fondle the future?

Come to the Sea Otter Celebrity Log Pull tonight at 6 p.m. Logs will be pulled and glory achieved within spitting distance of the Cyclocross event. All ages welcome.

Mr. Beastly--a mountain of a man--is optimistic about his steed's prospects. "I haven't loved a bike like this in a long time," says Beastly. "It works beautifully in all conditions. The bike just wants to go."