Keith Bontrager Tells All

Mountain biking pioneer and engineering guru tells his story Thursday June 20th in live broadcast on

Keith Bontrager changed the world of mountain biking more than a few times and he did it out of his own garage–making magic from the things he found in dumpsters. Part mad scientist, part sober engineer and 100-percent dedicated mountain biker, Keith Bontrager is one of cycling’s greatest, and most humble, talents….

Which is why we are throwing him on a stage at Mission Workshop’s headquarters in San Francisco this Thursday, June 20th, at 10 A.M. (Pacific Standard Time) and we’re forcing him to tell us his story. And answer our questions. And your questions.

That’s right–your questions.

If you’ve got questions for Keith, tweet them to #askbontrager and we’ll do our best to get your queries in front of the man, and in front of the rest of the world. This is our second Ask a Founder event (the first with Ibis founder, Scot Nicol, was a blast) and our goal is to dig deep and hear the stories that haven’t been told before.

You can help by tweeting your own questions to #askbontrager

We’re also streaming Thursday’s Ask a Founder event, right here on at 10 A.M. (PST). All you have to do is pretend that you’re filling out TPS forms at work, then sidle on over to our homepage ( and watch it all happen live. Viva the technology!

See you on Thursday morning–and in the meantime, start tweeting your questions for Keith Bontrager to #askbontrager