This morning SRAM announced their new XO DH hubs, which, according to SRAM, are focused on durability and strength. The hubs feature a tapered aluminum axle, as well as toolless end cap removal for convertibility to all axle types.

To address durability and maintenance issues associated with downhill-specific componentry, the ball bearings and bearing bores are precision-machined to match the corresponding races, resulting in tighter tolerances for reduced drag and low maintenance. The 32-hole spoke flanges are angled toward the rim, allowing the spoke to remain straight even at full tension and thus decreasing strain and reducing the chance for spoke breakages around the head.


The rear hub shown here with an XD driver body is also available in 9 and 10 speed.

New X0 DH front hub.

The new hub has 26 internal teeth and two pairs of offset pawls for 52 points of engagement. While one set of pawls is engaged, the other is half way between teeth, ready to engage next (diagram below). By adding the second set of pawls, the angle of engagement is chopped in half from 12.8 to 6.9 degrees. The rear hub is available with a 9/10 speed or an XD driver body.

A closer look at the ratchet system.

Quick specs – SRAM X0 DH Hubs:

• Rear spacing options: 12×150 and 12×157
• Tapered aluminum axle
• 32 spoke
• Colors: Glossy black with silver accents or sand-blasted black with red label
• 3D forged hub shell
• Convertible to all axle types
• Available in XD™ or 9/10-speed driver body
• Weight: 130g (front), 265g (rear)

The hubs will be available starting August 1st. See below for a complete price and option list:

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.04.44 PM