Between The Eyes: Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk from 2FLAT on Vimeo.

Between The Eyes is an ongoing series of short videos that attempt to explore and communicate the fascinating stories behind photographers and their craft. This isn’t a how-to or a discussion of techniques, but rather it’s a look at the personality and thought that goes into their work. Most episodes try not to be too mountain bike centric and will often deal with a specific project, subject or issue that is personal to each photographer.

The first episode is about Jordan Manley and how he used photography to help heal and come to terms with a concussion injury that has had him out of commission for well over a year now. Even though, by his own admission, he was not running at full capacity the photos he captured and created using just his iPhone on his daily therapy walks are some of the most interesting and intriguing images that may have ever been uploaded to Instagram.