Cam Zink Signs with Evil

Although Evil lost Smith and Vanderham, the company stays a gravity threat with the addition of Cam Zink.

Evil’s recent loss of sponsored riders Steve Smith and Thomas Vanderham had many people wondering what direction the company was going. The signing of Cam Zink, however, keeps Evil Bikes solidified as a gravity threat.

Source: Evil Bikes

Kevin Walsh, the marketing manager for Evil Bikes, said this about the signing: “This marks chapter two in the book of Evil, and I look forward to writing many new chapters with Cam as the star of this twisted romance novel. I have always been impressed by Cam, I mean who isn’t? This guy should be on The Bachelor, or something. Aside from the obvious, it’s rare to find a guy who can three a 50-foot drop, yet be motivated, creative and business minded at the same time.” Walsh continued, “But as I said before, he is the star of a romance novel so it won’t be easy. I would like to think the best part about Cam is how perfectly aligned his personality and riding style are with the brand. He will play a big part in Evil part two and I look forward to the adventures the future has in store, and getting him on a straight bike soon. Thanks for finally sending the grips Cam, they will look good on the new carbon Undead!”

Zink commented on the deal as well: “I feel more at home than I have in my whole career with my new sponsors. I have the most amazing group of loving sponsors and supporters backing me to help me live out my utmost potential. There are a ton of projects in the works with Freeride Entertainment, and I couldn’t be happier to start the year off filming and staying healthy before the contest season. The new help and support of Monster, Contour, Evil, Osiris and Deft Family will give me no excuses to accomplish everything I can dream up. ‘Life is so good I can taste it in my spit.’ -Layer Cake.”