How to Nac Nac with Cam Zink

Stomp Sessions helping you kick out the jams

This video is brought to you in partnership with Stomp Sessions, which provides learning tools to improve your bike skills with Cam Zink, including pro tutorial videos, digital coaching, and DIY tools. Learn more about Zink’s 20+ lessons in Bike’s How To section or at Stomp Sessions.

Learn to style nac-nacs like Zink. This is one of his favorite tricks, making this lesson the perfect example of what makes Stomp Sessions unique. Nac nacs are the next progression of your whip. But it doesn’t take a whip-master to do one. You can approach a nac nac like a kick out, which is how he learned them way back when. Cam teaches you the fun and steezy way to nac, laying them out from a whip, providing you the essentials to learning and improving this all-time favorite trick. A key component he teaches you is how to keep your foot glued to your pedal and how to control your bars. Learning this component gives you confidence and control, and the ability to add style and steeze, personalizing your nac nac.


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