Blackburn doesn’t mess around when it comes to tools. To prove that, Blackburn is giving away a selection of product for day 29 of our 31 Days of Giveaways.

The Chamber Tubeless Floor Pump works as a regular pump or a portable compressor. Pressurize the chamber and with a simple flip of the switch, all that air floods the tire, giving it no option but to seal and inflate. Once the tire is seated, flip the switch back, bypass the chamber and you can top it off accurately with the giant gauge.

But what if your tire has a hole in it? That pump won’t help you at all, but the Plugger Tubeless Repair Kit will. A quick, one-shot tire plugging system for tubeless tires. Deploys in seconds to give a permanent fix. Mount it to your frame, tape it to your top tube, or strap it to your ankle like a shark knife. Just keep it close and it’ll get you out of trouble. Pronto.

To join your repair kit is a Bike-branded Wayside Multi-Tool. The small tool has a total of 19 functions, including a disc-spreader and five removable allen keys.

The Blackburn kit is valued at $200.

About Blackburn

In 1975 Jim Blackburn had an idea. He saw the bike industry was growing and decided he could make a difference. Thinking from the consumers perspective, he took his name and made a company built on innovation and functionality.

About 31 Days of Giveaways

Summer is behind us and many people are turning towards skiing or snowboarding, hanging up the bike for months on end. To make sure you don’t forget biking all together, over 31 days we are giving away prizes from some of the best brands in the bike industry. Register only for your favorite products, or register every day – your chances of winning are refreshed each morning. Check back daily for a run down on what is up for grabs, and don’t forget about your bike while the mountains are white.

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