Bike is known for its images, photos that cut straight to bone, they aren’t about riding, they are riding. Dirt beneath fingernails, chainring slashes on logs, muddy shoes sitting on a doormat, mountainscapes giving goosebumps, gut-wrenching suffer sagas we grimace over while glimpsing past. Flipping through Bike is a window to the soul of riding. It’s beyond that, it’s living it.

Over 25 years, riding has changed, people have changed, a borderline autistic eddy of a sport has bloomed into a far-reaching flower. Yet the mission has stayed the same: truly capture riding. Now you can own a timeless copy of what riding is, in a 130-page hard-bound book, delivered to your doorstep, for a reasonable price while supplies last. Act now or forever regret your mis-decision.

Our 25th Anniversary book is valued at $30, and to sweeten the deal we’ll throw in a pair of fresh riding socks with our new, 25th Anniversary logo on them.

About 31 Days of Giveaways

Summer is behind us and many people are turning towards skiing or snowboarding, hanging up the bike for months on end. To make sure you don’t forget biking altogether, over 31 days we are giving away prizes from some of the best brands in the bike industry. Register only for your favorite products, or register every day – your chances of winning are refreshed each morning. Check back daily for a rundown on what is up for grabs, and don’t forget about your bike while the mountains are white.

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