Zerode G-1 Downhill Frame

After 4 years of testing and prototyping the Zerode G-1 gearbox frame is now available.

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After 4 years of testing and prototyping, Zerode Bikes (Rotorua, New Zealand) has officially launched its gearbox-driven ‘G-1’ frameset.

The design team of Rob Metz and James Dodds have engineered the G-1 taking ques from their own riding experiences (NZ championships, World Cup DH rounds, 1000’s of downhill runs and years of riding home made high pivot gearbox bikes), rider feedback and motorcycle design theory.

It looks like a fairly interesting design. It’s not cheap though–the frame (with shock) is priced at ~$3,400 USD (Converted from $4,650 NZD). Check out for more details.

G-1 features:

Gearbox – Offers instant shifting whether pedaling or coasting, coupled with low maintenance, with and reduction in unsprung weight (the weight attached to moving suspension parts. In this case, the swingarm).

High Pivot – Offers an upward and backwards wheel path for bump absorption.

Zerode Pedaling Geometry – Zerode claims its design balances the effects of weight transfer, traction forces and chain force to eliminate pedal bob without using chain tension or pedal platform shocks, while also enabling the suspension to be fully active.