Bike’s 2013 Bible of Bike Tests

A first glimpse into the biggest, baddest mofo of a buyer's guide out there.

By Vernon Felton

In a couple months you’ll be confronted by a raft of “buyer’s guides” and, while I may sound like a prick for saying this, a lot of them are going to blow. Why? Because they’ll be filled with stock photos and canned, catalog copy and, hell, you could have saved five bucks and just visited the manufacturers’ websites if that was what you wanted to see.

At Bike we do things differently.

We actually take the most promising new bikes and gear, and then we flog the hell out of the stuff on the trails. This year we headed out to Fruita, Colorado and beat the snot out of the bikes on what are, without a doubt, some of the best trails in the country. We also decided to video tape the bike tests and the nightly round-table discussions (which eventually get condensed into the reviews that you’ll see in the Bible of Bike Tests issue).

Here’s a glimpse into what sets the Bible of Bike Tests apart from the many other “buyer’s guides” taking up space on your local newsstand.