Urge’s All Mountain and Veggie Down-O-Matic Helmets

Lightweight lids with heavyweight protection.

Urge’s new All Mountain (the model name) helmet sports an aluminum-tubed roll cage molded into the helmet. Urge claims that even with the metal structure the helmet comes in lighter than the Fox Flux. Part of this is because the Urge doesn’t have a traditional retention system, but rather the straps are crossed in the back to help keep the helmet secure. The helmet is set to have an MSRP of $120.

Urge’s Veggie Down-O-Matic helmet uses more sustainable materials than the basic Down-O-Matic helmet (and most other production helmets for that matter). Urge uses natural linen fibers instead of carbon fiber to make a lightweight downhill lid. The helmet’s straps are made from recycled material. The Veggie Down-O-Matic will retail for $300.