Trek Launches Online Suspension Calculator

Dear bike industry: Please take note.

Trek Bicycles has made tuning its suspensions just a few clicks away.

Trek Bicycle has now made a perfectly tuned ride available anywhere internet is available by launching an online ‘calculator’ that, when given the rider's bike, model year and weight (in pounds or kilograms), outputs the perfect suspension settings–including optimum air pressure (or spring weight for it coil-sprung bikes), rebound and compression settings–for the bike’s fork and rear shock. It has been made to work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It is also available in nine different languages.

The calculator is accessible now at

"It's a must for anybody looking for the right suspension settings from bike shop mechanics to the rider who feels they need to make on-trail adjustments," said Trek Mountain Bike Brand Manager Michael Browne. "We want every rider to get the most out of their suspension and this is as indispensible a tool as there is."

This application provides data based upon Trek's original suspension fork and shock specifications and will initially launch with settings for Trek's 2011 and 2012 full suspension products. The calculator's database will be updated shortly with the appropriate settings for all Trek full-suspension bikes dating back to the 2009 model year.

This calculator could be a teaser of what’s to come from Trek too…Roscoe 29er anyone?