Trailhead: Introducing Bike Magazine Merchandise

Hats, T-shirts and hoodies.

Photos: Anthony Smith

Congratulations! Bike magazine is pleased to present you with its ultra-rad merch-for-the-masses program.

In the past we've done a few limited-run items just to show our parents we were actually as big-time as we said we were, and not just some rinky-dink newsprint tabloid (Because branded T-shirts and trinkets are actually the distinguishing factor here). As a result, most of them went to said parents and a bunch of jaded industry folk who probably used them to clean their bikes.

So now, with the rollout of the Bike merchandise program you can finally get in on the action—without having to go to Sea Otter or Interbike.

Check out the Trailhead shop at to buy the latest Bike magazine T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies