Words and Photos By: Travis Scheefer

When the sun isn't out the Uvex 202 Race lenses are nearly clear with a slight smoke tint.

When the sun isn’t out the Uvex 202 Race lenses are nearly clear with a slight smoke tint.

When someone mentions the company Uvex, my thoughts go immediately to the late ’80s to early ’90s when their neon ski goggles dominated the slopes. Clearly Uvex has been off my radar for the past 20 years, but my outdated vision of their products totally changed when I laid my hands on the Uvex Sportstyle 202 Race glasses.

Uvex nailed the design of the 202 Race. These glasses meet all of my expectations for great riding eyewear. First off, they look good. These testers were matte black with a little bright green Uvex logo flare–perhaps a little throwback to the ’90s–retro. They are lightweight, but have a solid feel and the rimless design is well executed. They hugged my head gently and have a medium fit that works for both men and women (girlfriend approved!). Further, they have an adjustable nose piece and soft earpieces to fine-tune the fit. There is enough space around the lenses to allow for ventilation and prevent fogging, while still offering full coverage.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the optics and automatic lens tinting. Put the 202 Race on and you will likely forget that you are even wearing them. There is seriously no distortion. The 202 Race also features photochromic lenses that change from clear when it is dark and cloudy to a dark gray when the sun is out. This technology is not new, but in my experience, this is the first pair of automatic lens-tinting glasses that take on all conditions. These glasses are perfect for everything from night riding to a bright sunny day in the high alpine of Colorado. The response time for the lenses changing from light to dark is true to its claim of 25 seconds. I never found myself questioning the tint of the lens because the response to match the outdoor light conditions seemed just right.

The photochromic lenses change to a dramatic dark tint under the bright sun.

The photochromic lenses change to a dramatic, dark tint under the bright sun.

If you're looking for a new pair of riding glasses, the Uvex Sportstyle 202 Race is your one-stop-shop. They are lightweight with killer photochromic lenses and have the right kind of sporty look.