By Vernon Felton

Specialized EMT Pro MTB

It's a simple rule: if you ride long enough, pricey bits on your bike will eventually go snap, crackle and pop. We mountain bikers break shit. Simple as that. I was reminded of this on a daily basis while testing new bikes during our Bible of Bike Tests sessions here in Sedona. Our trail/all-mountain loop was studded with ledges, rocky outcroppings and countless opportunities to simultaneously eat crap and suffer big penalties.

It wasn't long before I was reaching into my jersey pocket for something—anything—to fix my rig and get on with the business of riding. The lightweight Specialized EMT Pro MTB was one of the two tools I found myself using to resuscitate the dead.

Specialized packed an impressive amount of tools into a lightweight (104 grams) and compact package. This thing is definitely on the svelte side, yet still packs a chain breaker, T25 Torx and #2 Phillips screwdriver, three, four, five six and eight-millimeter Allen keys, plus an L-shaped two-millimeter, which they claim is perfect for reaching into tight spaces. The EMT Pro MTB also sports two spoke wrenches (14 and 15g), and bottle opener.

While I've never given a damn about the weight of my multi-tools, I admit that the lack of heft here is nice. The EMT Pro MTB gets high marks for being small and unobtrusive. I had a chance to use the chain breaker and it works perfectly well—not all of them do and this is one of those make or break moments on a big ride. The Philips comes in handy when it's time to give the High and Low screws on your derailleur a bit of a turn—an inevitability. Really, the only part of the package that let me down was the stubby eight-millimeter allen wrench, which just doesn't provide the necessary leverage to budge my pedals. They need to make that particular allen wrench a lot longer. That complaint aside, Specialized has a tidy little tool on their hands.