Park Tool Team Issue Repair Stand

By Vernon Felton

Park Tool's elite consumer stand (the PRS-25 "Team Issue" stand) is a thing of beauty. The finish quality on this stand is second to none, and the thing brims with brilliant features. Examples? The hexagonal tubes completely resist twisting and slop, lending the stand an extremely stable feel—even when the clamp is upporting a downhill bike at its fully extended height of 60 inches.

Likewise, the cam-actuated clamping mechanism is dead simple to use, and Park Tool's micro-adjusting feature leads the pack when it comes to ease of use. Finally, there's the rubberized saddle cradle, which is perfect for hanging bikes during quick-and-dirty tune-ups—something I particularly appreciated when tinkering on bikes with height-adjust seatposts.

As with many of the premium stands on the market, the Park Tool's clamp rotates 360 degrees, enabling you to work on your bike from just about any angle you desire. More importantly, once I tightened the clamp into position, I never had the clamp head slip a single degree—not even when I was muscling stubborn pedals free. While the Team Issue costs a bit more than many other models on the market, the superior-grade materials and brilliant execution fully warrant the higher sticker price. This thing is bomber.