Tested: Kali Protectives Amara Cam

By Kevin Rouse

Kali Protectives Amara Cam
Price: $90

One of the newest faces in the helmet biz, Kali Protectives is the brain trust of an aerospace composites engineer and an industrial designer whose entire career has involved designing helmets in one way, shape or form.

So while the company may be young compared to the more established names, it is certainly not lacking in experience. It comes as no surprise then that the company is stirring things up on the technological side of things. Featuring what Kali is calling 'Composite Fusion,' instead of gluing the helmet's shell to its EPS core, the two layers are directly fused together to better dissipate impact forces.

And, with the whole saving-your-noggin part of the equation covered, there's a lot more about the Amara Cam that's worth noting. For starters, the 'Cam' addendum to the Amara isn't just for show—an integrated camera mount broadens this helmet's usefulness to more than just saving your hide.

The camera mount also does double duty as a light mount, making this lid exceedingly utilitarian. The Amara is plenty comfortable, though the adjustment mechanism proved to be a tad clunky. However, once adjusted, the fit stayed dialed without any loosening. The Amara was also the breeziest of the bunch, thanks to generous venting and a more XC-style fit. The styling also makes the Amara a good choice for those who don't want to chance getting asked if they're on their way to the skate park instead of the trailhead.