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Review: Granite Design Hex Stand

When there's a little work to do, but even less space to do it in

The Scorpion bike stand made kickstands cool again. It also allowed you to do some quick drivetrain and rear brake tuning without a repair stand. Like a tube of sunscreen, if you pull one out at the trailhead, one of your mates will probably ask to borrow it. It's perfect for traveling, but only if you're traveling in your own car. If you've got no more than a suitcase and a bike case to carry your essentials, Granite Design offers the Hex Stand.

Pull here, flip there, and the Hex Stand is neat, tidy, and ready to be tucked in.

The Hex Stand works just like the existing crank-mounted storage stands already out there, but it folds up into a package not much bigger than a breadbox, and at just 1.6 pounds, is probably lighter too. But I found that its portability cost it some sturdiness. Even on relatively lightweight bikes, things get a little bouncy when pedaling or wrenching while up on the Hex Stand. But that's the price you pay for lightweight moving parts.

I don't expect any durability issues, and the bike's resting stability can actually exceed that of traditional stands. The folding feature allows you to adjust the height of the "spindle" as well as to angle it slightly skyward to help keep the bike from sliding off. And the stand comes with two sizes of sleeves to get BB30 users a tighter fit. Plus, if you'll be using the Hex Stand with a road bike from time to time, it also comes with a hollow preload bolt to replace the often solid one most Shimano road cranks use.

So that's one more comfort of home you can now bring with you on the road. Now we just need a stowable hot shower and cold beverage.

$80 / granite-design.com