By Kevin Rouse
Photo by JP Van Swae

Giro Feature
Price: $75

It's only natural that a helmet dubbed the 'Feature' should have plenty of them. But at first glance, that doesn't exactly appear to be the case. While a departure from some of Giro's more traditional shapes, the Feature features more coverage and protection for trail-riding and all-mountain applications.

And, while well disguised, the Feature sports 12 vents—count 'em—that actually do a fair job of radiating heat up and out of the helmet with the aid of its internal channels. Still, you'd be well served to avoid the darker color options if you plan on riding when the mercury's nice and high.

Additionally, the Feature uses Giro's In-Form fit system, which was greatly appreciated for its one-handed adjustability—a blessing when things inevitably start to loosen up as the sweat starts flowing. The helmet's moto-style visor is easily adjusted, offers good visibility and is essentially tool-free (any quarter or thumbnail will do). Also impressive is the Feature's lack of heft. With a claimed weight of 285 grams, it certainly delivers in the grams vs. coverage arena. Paired with a solid fit, the Feature's low weight actually begins to offer a sense of it not even being there.

As for looks, the new crop of full-coverage open-face helmets is largely polarizing. Like them or not, their looks are distinctive, and the Feature is no different. Embracing this, Giro has offered the Feature in some equally distinctive colorways. We liked the artwork on the model we tested. However, if that model isn't polarizing enough for you, the Feature is also offered in retina-searing neon yellow.