By Vernon Felton

Feedback Sports Pro Elite
Price: $239

A ways back, I picked this red-anodized beauty as one of my all-time favorite pieces of gear, and with good reason. Feedback's time-proven design is stable and holds up to constant abuse, yet the rugged stand folds down quickly into a remarkably compact and lightweight, 10.6-pound package. That alone
explains why I regularly toss this stand in the back of my truck on longer outings—something I never even considered doing before I got this particular stand.

I can't tell you how many bikes I've clamped in this stand, but the number is staggering. Despite that fact, I'm continually amazed by how fast and easy that act is, thanks to the Pro Elite's unique, quick-release clamp. The clamp jaw ratchets from wide-open to closed with a simple squeeze; a few twists of the Tri-Knob fine tunes the clamping pressure. It's simple, speedy and nearly impossible to accidentally overtighten the stand's jaws. Getting the bike out of the stand is even easier: Just push the release button and—presto—the jaws spring open. When it comes to quickly and easily getting a bike in and out of the stand, the Pro Elite takes the cake.