Tested: Chromag Scarab Pedals

Well thought out platforms for the discerning flat pedal rider

These are definitely not another pair of catalog pedals. Designed from the ground up by Chromag’s head brain, Ian Ritz, the Scarab is a high-end option for the discerning flat-pedal rider.

There are 42 screw holes for pin placement and the pins screw in from underneath, making them very secure and easily removed or replaced even after pedal-earth strikes. Also the threads on the pins do not go above the pedal surface, meaning that when you attempt to remove damaged pins you won’t destroy the threads in the pedal body. Very smart. Furthermore, the pins have washers under them so you can adjust the height of the pins.

The body is sculpted into a rather lovely-fitting, sole-hugging concave shape. Although subtle, the amount of recess in the pedal’s body is very noticeable and provides great traction when on the trail. The platform is large, which gives confidence for big foot riders and when frantically looking for the pedal in rush situations. The pedal profile is slender, giving it more clearance and keeping the rider close to the pedal axle. The bearings are also cartridge style, as opposed to bushing, which suggests that they should last well and require less maintenance than some other high-end pedals. Time will tell.

More from the Chromag description: “At 110 x 105MM, the Scarab features one of the widest platforms available, yet thanks to the thin profile and chamfered corners, it has great clearance. Our proprietary extrusion and machined design provides an ultra thin true-concave profile that is only 13 millimeters at platform center. Custom traction pins are made of hardened steel and feature two height options via the removable washer. A shear line reduces pedal damage when the pins are struck. Each pedal features 42 placement options for the ultimate customization. They weigh 430 grams per pair.”