Syncros Through the Years

A brief timeline of this iconic brand.

Syncros is one of the most iconic component manufactures in mountain biking. It has also changed hands more times than a hot potato. Scott Sports is the most recent set of hands to hold the Syncros name (Scott Sports purchased Syncros earlier this year).

Lars-Erik Johnson, US Bike Marketing guru for Scott Sports, gave us some of his Syncros memories, “I still remember my first Syncros purchase, a 400-millimeter seatpost to match my long legs to my 20-inch hardtail of the day. Syncros seemed to be one of the first to 'get it' when it came to fulfilling the needs and expectations of mountain bikers. In my mind, that original two-bolt rocker clamp is still one of the most elegant and enduring designs out there.”

Here’s the timeline of the acquisitions of the Syncros brand:

1986: The Syncros brand is founded by Peter Hamilton and Pippin Osborne in Vancouver, BC.

Late 1990s: GT Bicycles buys Syncros out of financial difficulties.

1998: Schwinn Bicycles’ parent company (Questor Partners) acquires GT.

2001: Questor Partners goes bankrupt, and Schwinn/GT Cycling Divisions were sold for $86 million to Pacific Cycle LLC, parent company of the Mongoose Bicycles. Changes within GT basically eliminated the parts and accessories business causing the Syncros brand to fall dormant.

2002: UK-based Super Cycles, owned by Mike Poyzer, picks up the Syncros name when its trademark registration lapsed.

2003: Pacific Cycle pressures Super Cycles with litigation to regain the brand, but the companies settled and served up a press release in January to announce the deal: “Super Cycles and Pacific Cycles have announced that their dispute over the Syncros registered trade mark has reached an amicable conclusion.

Super Cycles have agreed to transfer the mark to Pacific for an undisclosed sum. This paves the way for Pacific to continue their planned re-introduction of the brand in 2003 with no further complications.

Super Cycles will continue to develop their optimum products range with an alternative registered brand for launch in the spring.”

2003: Tom Ritchey buys Syncros from Pacific, and hired Marshall Cant, formerly of Rocky Mountain Bicycles, as Brand Manager to rebuild the name and product line.

2012: Scott Sports purchases Syncros.

Johnson also commented on what Scott Sports’ plans to do with the Syncros brand, “Acquiring Syncros not only gives SCOTT the opportunity to produce great quality components for aftermarket, it will also foster better integration between SCOTT bikes and the parts we put on them. While Syncros is historically a mountain brand, most recently with a freeride and all-mountain focus, it's our intention to broaden that scope across XC mountain and road, categories prominent in our bike line. It's a scenario that will produce a better built bike and generate more value for the consumer.”