Suntour Rebounds into High-End Market With New Forks

No ‘damping’ company’s optimism over 650B.

By Brice Minnigh
Photos: Anthony Smith

After several years in the mass market, Suntour is refocusing much of its efforts on higher-end suspension, introducing a new 650B fork and a long-anticipated downhill model.

The company is throwing its chips in with 650B, developing a fork for what it anticipates will be the dominant wheel size in the near future.

In addition, it has unveiled its long-in-the-making DH fork, the RUX—which, in a nod to the late guitar maestro Jimi Hendrix, stands for 'Are You Experienced'—complete with internals that allow for easy DIY-style adjustments.

26-inch? 29-inch? 27.5-inch? At least one thing remains the same: There are still two wheels.

The carbon lowers to Suntour's new 650B fork are enveloped by alloy dropouts.

Tight and trim—650B is a hair's breadth away from going mainstream.

Lock, Stock and One Smoking Barrel.

Suntour's long-awaited RUX stands tall with 200 millimeters of self-tuneable travel.

Eject and unwind—Suntour's new tool-less through-axle.

The dual-crown jewel in Suntour's new lineup.

Adjust your own spring rate via removable spacers.

Use Suntour's zip-clip for a clean and tidy setup. And if you lose your zip-clip, a zip-tie will do.