SUNringlé Launches ‘SL’ Charger and Black Flag Wheels

Source: Hayes Components

"Riders count on us to provide a quality wheel that can still take a beating," said Scott Boyd, SUNringlé product manager. "Our new SL series offers race worthy wheels that are competitive in terms of weight, but also have the durability that's expected from our brand."

The new Pro SL Charger and Black Flag wheels feature Stan's Notubes rim technology, Wheelsmith bladed spokes and a taller rim profile for increased stiffness. Weight has been shaved from both the front and rear hubs, and the rear hub has 50% quicker hub engagement over the previous ‘Pro’ series hubs.

Pro SL Charger and Black Flag wheels are delivered with the multiple end caps (which will accommodate all common axle configurations), Stan’s sealant and they come with Stan's yellow rim tape installed.

"I've been riding the SUNringlé wheels throughout the summer for testing," said Eric Porter, Hayes Pro Rider. "I've even broken some spokes on overhanging shrub. I ride hard and these wheels have still stayed true!"

The SUNringlé Charger and Black Flag Pro SL wheels are currently available in 26-inch and 29-inch configurations. The wheelset weight on the chargers is 1550 grams for 26-inch and 1700 grams for 29-inch. Black flag weights are 1450 grams and 1600 grams respectively. 27.5-inch wheels will be introduced in the near future.

MSRP's for the new SUNringlé series are as follows: Black Flag SL $900 for 26-inch and $925 for 29-inch. Charger SL $900 for 26-inch and $925 for 29-inch.

For information on how you can find SUNringlé wheels contact your local bike shop or visit