Early last year, the 27.5-inch Roam 60 wheelset got updated with some 30-millimeter wide rims. But its bigger-diameter brother was left to fend for itself with just 21 millimeters to stand on. Even that recently, the modern all-mountain 29er was still only just gaining traction, so maybe Sram was playing wait-and-see. Now, it looks like the new Roam 60 29 finally got the upgrades it needed.

The new hoops now match the 30-millimeter inner width of the 27.5 version, but have some unique updates all their own. They went from 24 to 28 spokes, and feature a refined hub shell. Most notably, they are now laced 4-cross. Connoisseurs of the wheel-building arts will debate this, but a 4-cross wheel should theoretically offer a more compliant ride and greater tangental strength and stiffness. They gained just 140 grams in the process, and will be priced at $900 for the front and $1000 for the rear when they become available this August.



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