6-29-07 // Sneak Peek: Kona’s new Magic Link

Just when you though maybe you were starting to understand this whole full suspension thing, Kona goes and throws us this curveball.

Kona's Magic Link
Giving new meaning to "CoilAir," the new Magic Link design from Kona uses a coil-sprung pivot , similar to a piston engine’s valve spring, to manipulate the lower shock hock mount—in this case, an Fox Shox air spring.

Check out this site, it will blow your mind.

Kona promises to have a few other tricks up its sleeve for '08. Look for a full suspension 29er, a Stinky Air and more.

BIKE magazine’s resident "Webitor," Alan Davis, will be attending Kona's official U.S. launch next month. We'll have full coverage on the home page.