Shimano Zee Pricing and a Glimpse at its Uncharacteristically Colorful Ad Campaign

By Ryan LaBar

If you were to look through your Bike magazine archives at Shimano’s ad campaigns, you’d notice that one thing remains pretty constant--a very serious and very technical tone. So, when we saw some bright greens, pinks, oranges and blues alongside a photo of doughnuts in the “Crush Every Line,” Zee ads, we were a bit surprised to say the least.

See the Shimano Zee video here:

Shimano’s budget-friendly, gravity-specific Zee group is making its debut along side the updated top-end Saint group (see our first impressions here). Borrowing heavily from trickle-down technology, the Zee line is set to incorporate 10-speed Dyna-Sys shifting, Ice Tech brakes and a Shadow Plus rear derailleur.

Shimano’s MTB Marketing Specialist, Joe Lawwill, had this to say when asked about the new Zee group and its ad campaign:

“Zee is a very exciting product. It is the first quality price point, gravity-specific group that has ever been produced. It gives the guy who is just starting out or simply doesn't have the coin to invest in a high-dollar gravity bike outfitted with full Saint the opportunity to rip it up in places like Whistler or local dirt jump parks and know they have a product they can count on and that won't break the bank.

“With the younger demographic of our target customer we knew it was important that our campaign connect with these people. So this was a great opportunity to go in a different direction from the typical engineering driven ads Shimano generally puts out. There is of course a lot of technology in Zee, but rather than focus on that we decided to focus on the sort of things you can do with your Zee equipped bike. Its all about fun and going out there and crushing every line!”

After the great first impressions the Shimano Saint group left with us, we are looking forward to see what the Zee group has to offer.

Here is a list of prices on the Shimano Zee components:

Zee Shifter – $50
Zee Rear Derailleur – $110
Zee Pre-Bled Disc Brake - Front – $250
Zee Pre-Bled Disc Brake - Rear – $250
Zee Crankset – $160
Zee Front Hub – $70
Rear Freehub – $90

(Note: There aren’t Zee-specific chains and cassettes, but since the group is built around Dyna-Sys, any of Shimano’s other 10-speed offerings can be used with the rest of the Zee group)

All together, Zee saves the rider about $760 compared to the cost of Saint.

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