Shimano Announces New Gravity Pedals & Shoes

Pedals and shoes for clipless and flat enthusiasts alike

Shimano has just announced a new lineup of gravity-oriented footwear and pedals. Especially notable is the first-ever Saint SPD pedal. There’s also an XT-level flat pedal that comes in two different sizes to better accommodate different foot dimensions. Everything here is slated to be available this November.

Clipless Pedals and Shoes

Saint PD-M820

Shimano intends the Saint clipless pedal to be used with the SH-AM901 shoe. As such, it features a double-sided alloy body with an SPD mechanism in the center. The design forgoes the tilting clipless mechanism used on the DX pedal—which has been a popular choice among gravity riders—in favor of a static clipless mechanism and fewer moving parts. Four adjustable pins per side are intended to provide traction when unclipped. Weight: 570g (pair, with pins and washers) / $160 MSRP


SH-AM901 Shoe

As mentioned above, the SH-AM901 is intended to be the footwear half of Shimano’s gravity SPD pedal system. Its upper sports an armored lace shield and a padded ankle collar. Additional protection is provided by the molded toe cover. A channel on the sole behind the cleat is said to provide traction when unclipped. Claimed weight: 401g (per shoe, size 42) / MSRP: $150



The 701 is another SPD shoe similar to the 901, but passes on the lace shield, has a harder sole and features an ankle gaiter to keep debris out. Claimed weight: 408g (per shoe, size 42) / MSRP: $130

Flat Pedals and Shoes

Saint PD-M828

This Saint-level flat pedal tips the scales at 493 grams. Whether or not that weight is justified by the pedal’s durability remains to be seen. The pedal’s platform is slightly concave, and the outside pins are slightly longer than the inner ones to give them a more cradling feel. They feature 12 stainless steel pins per side. The pins do not thread from the inside of the pedal. Weight: 493g (Pair, w/shorter pins) / MSRP: $180.00

Deore XT PD-M8040

The XT flat pedal is intended for trail use. It comes in two sizes, allowing riders to choose how much pedal they want underfoot. It features two pins per side and is also slightly concave. Weight: 460g (Small size)/ 503g (Large size) / MSRP: $100



The GR500 is a new version of the MX80. It’s a basic (and heavy) flat pedal with nine pins per side, which thread in through the unexposed side of the body. It spins on a chromoly axle and sealed cartridge bearings. Unlike the rest of these new shoes and pedals, the GR500 will be available in August. Weight: 533g (Pair) / MSRP: $80



The GR900 is basically a flat-pedal version of the 901, featuring protection attributes like the raised ankle collar, armored lace shield and molded toe cap. Underneath, there’s obviously no SPD mount. Instead, the GR900 gets a Michelin rubber outsole for grip and walkability. Weight: 365g (Per shoe, Size 42) / MSRP: $150



Top center: the women’s GR700 gets women’s-specific sizing and lighter green trim.

The GR700 ditches the 900’s lace shield, improving ventilation and making for a more casual aesthetic. It’s also available in a women’s-sized version, the GR700W. Weight: 366g (Per shoe, Size 42) / MSRP: $130