Sea Otter Products: DT Swiss

DT Swiss rolled to the venue with an array of new products.

Words: Kevin Rouse
Captions: Ryan LaBar
Photos: Kevin Rouse and Ryan LaBar
Video: Kevin Rouse

DT Swiss came to Sea Otter with some noteworthy new product offerings in the wheel department, with their all-new XRC 950 T, a 1200-gram tubular 29er wheelset definitely garnering some attention. The wheelset uses DT Swiss' proprietary Tricon system to lace carbon tubular rims to a brand new hub design. The hub, essentially a re-worked 190 hub, uses a carbon sleeve for the mid-section of the hub shell and ceramic bearings to allow for a significant weight reduction. Those with a penchant for emptying their savings accounts beware, for these wheels, expected to be in the neighborhood of $4500, could easily do just that.

DT Swiss is putting some serious effort into beefing up their 29er lineup, and in addition to the spendy XRC 950, a new Tricon 29er will also be available in 2012. The hoops tip the scales at 1750 grams and feature a 26-millimeter rim width, a hub design based on the 240, and a price tag in the $1600-$1700 range. Also new is the M1800 tubeless wheelset. Doing without the Tricon system, the wheels also feature a 26-millimeter rim profile and retail for a much more attainable $700.

Also of interest was an updated quick release and through-axle design, which notably makes the switch from plastic to aluminum for the lever material, resulting in a much more robust package and little to no weight gain.

Behold the XRC 950 T. A 1,200-gram tubular carbon wheelset that’ll drain both your bank account and your competitors’ legs.

Double your engagement points, double your fun, from 18 to 36 for under $40.

Tricon goes big. A wagon-wheel sized Tricon wheelset.

Special inserts eliminate the need for holes in the rim beds.

DT Swiss’ non-Tricon, M1800 tubeless wheelset…

…uses the same rim-bed inserts to achieve an easy tubeless system.

DT Swiss revamped its quick release line adding durability, metal and aesthetics.

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